A Message To The Student Body

Through our years here we have gone on fountain runs, pulled all-nighters studying for exams, and mourned when we lost fellow Boilermakers. All Boilermakers have things they love about Purdue and things they feel can be improved, and we are no different. These experiences shape our Boiler State of Mind.

Right now, our Boiler State of Mind is all about you! We want to use resources to impact campus, empower students to improve Purdue, and influence decisions by having a seat at the table with the administration.

Come join us and share your Boiler State of Mind, and above all, Hail Purdue!
Bobby Egan & Erin Whittaker
What's YOUR BOILER State Of Mind?
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Senator Endorsements

Krannert School of Management Unify Krannert
  • Nicole Ellis
  • Joe Viater
  • Luke Zimmerman
College of Agriculture
  • Micah Matlock
  • Joe Lincoln
  • Jacob Mattox
College of Science
  • Daniel Seiltz